Sunday, May 3, 2009

ROAR!! Ok now that I've relieved my stress, I need help. I have just realized that I have no life. I need suggestions of what to do this summer, so I'm not so bored that I shoot myself in the foot for fun (I wouldn't really do that. It's a figure of speech.). So I would love some helpful tips on what to do this summer.

Rules: 1. must be fun. 2. must be ok for a 14 yr. old, red headed dude to do. 3. I'm a christian... remember that when you give tips. 4. take into consideration. I have no trasportation. I have no money. I have no friends. 5. What would I do if I had all of the above? (I'm trying to get as many options as possible.)

Thank all of you who have contributed to this plea for help. And all of you who didn't... get a life! Remember, stay cool, stay red haired, and if you dye your hair red then your desperate. Which is good because then you realize the value of a true red head. And if you don't then just be cool... I guess.


  1. Apparently we aren't your


  2. Ya I agree with Hannah. but sometimes doing nothing is the best. We get to spend more time with God and just relax.....hmmm. I think I just thought of a new blog post!


  3. cha'! I agree with Hannah, we aren't JK

    UM, I think you should go to FLY (the fly convention)

    It costs money, though.


  4. oh, and one more thing,.......FOLLOW MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Haha nice ending
    go to camp, make friends, take up a hobby, play a sport, annoy your siblings, plant a garden, get a pool, read all the time, babysit, get a job well you already have a job never mind


  6. Nice blog! I'm not a red head, but I do have natural highlights that are redish looking! :) Hmmm.... well some of the things I do in the summer are, read, unfortunately school, watch TV, blog, visit blogs, Etc.

  7. The most above, made by Debi, is actually my post. I accidentally did it on my mom's account!

  8. So you're looking for suggestions on what to do this summer? Hmm...

    Well, for me, the computer sitting on the desk with no school to prevent me from playing on it is a dangerous thing. Try not to spend too much time glued to the computer screen. It melts your brains and squashes creativity. I would know ;)

    Being bored is ALWAYS a bad thing, you know? Without bored people, we probably wouldn't have a lot of the inventions we have today. So, give yourself time to get bored. I know it sounds crazy, but that's when creativity really kicks in. It's almost like using your mind is a last resort in summertime, haha!

    Do you like to write? If you do, work doubletime on your story. Go farther than ever, set yourself a schedule on when to work on it, make yourself deadlines. Anything to increase productivity.

    Go outside! Just being outside is a good thing to do in the summer time. Go for a walk, play with your dog (if you don't have one, that could be a problem. Go steal the neighbor's).

    You *could* plant a garden or something. Watching things you planted grow has a certain appeal.

    You could start a club or something. Get together with a bunch of kids from your neighborhood and do something that way.

    Lol, wow, that has to be like my longest ranting comment yet ;) Sorry! Hope something helped...have a good summer!


  9. LOLLOLOLO, Lauren, that was HILARIOUS!!!! ROFL :`D
    omgosh "You have red hair???" ROFL


  10. Haha, niiiiice Lauren


  11. Let's see, I am not a red head, so therefore I must come up with some horrid suggestions.

    Ballroom dancing =D(My little brother is being forced to do that this summer and he is dying of mortification.
    Write stories. Theme one around something silly, with lots of interesting, eccentric characters.
    Steal a ride on a horse
    Get a job. Don't know how? I suggest knocking on the doors of all the local alpaca farms. Nevermind, Alpaca Pasture Maintainence is not delightful. But it would solve the summer's financial difficulties.

    Volunteer at a VBS or some other ministry. But mind, you, it's only fun if you will in your heart to make it be. And plus you will be blessing others.
    Is a river nearby? Teach yourself to river swim.
    Take up an instrument if you don't already play one. Try the jaw harp, or harmonica or something small.
    "Bored" is a bad word at our house. Invent a sport or a world and draw it, play it.

    There are a million things for a 14year old to do!
    P.S. Sorry I am trespassing in the sacred halls of redheads. =D

  12. New here, I'm a blog-friend of JR Parkers. Love the blog dude, even though I'm not a red-head, I hope you think I'm cool enough to stay here. :)
    And I am seventeen, so it may be a little harder for me to give advice, seeing as I have my own car and a few friends I hang out with. My advice would be just do yo thang man! Stay with the Lord, stay with the friends you do have, (I think you have a few . . .) and again, do yo thang!
    JT "Proeliator of Lux Lucis"

  13. (This is someone who was a red head as a baby but then when I turned 2 my hear turned VERY blond and strait. I did have a red Afro. My brothers think that is a hoot)
    Make a movie!
    See how many trees you can clime this summer.
    Write a story
    For one day act like someone else (that’s always fun)
    If you live in a wooded area then find/make a trial. Or if you don't have much wooded places then go to your local park.
    If you skateboard then do it more.
    Ask your parents if they can start to teach you to dive in parking/driveway. My mom taught me to dive last year when I was 14 and now as I am going into drivers ed soon, I feel more sure of myself then if I was Just learning how.
    But ASK, don't just go off and do it.
    Learn something new, get 'how to' books from the library.

    Cool blog.
    Post more.

  14. Well, personaly, I lOVE reading! I suggest you rad Frank Peretti books! Unless you have already!

  15. HEY! Um... I started following your blog, except, I was in a different account(It's a long story), and I tried to change it so I said I was vickychick, and I am, but I started following you as vickychick, ugh this is hard to explane! Ok it says that there's two vickychicks, one has a picture with a leaf, and one that is blank, it's near the bottom of the followers... Well I forgot my point... Ok the one that has a picture IS REALLY ME... The other one is suppose to say Abbycaddabby, or something like that, but it says vickychick, that one is my cousins and my blog, I didn't mean to follow you with our account... So If you want to check out VICKCHICKS blog, than click on the one with a picture, if you want to check out Abbycaddabbys blog than click on the other one.... I hope you understood most of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I sure didn't!

  16. I don't think it will let you go on my cousins and my blog! I tried it and it didn't work! Thanks for hearing me out! :D

  17. heyyy lol
    what do i do when i totaly bored (like, all the time?) i read, blog , write in my diary (tho that mayy be a bit girly, i dunno lolz)
    talk to peoples on msn. how bout cooking? it may sound boring, but haha, jus esperiment with stuff, u know, like pro chefs, add heaps of herbs and stuff ;)

    lol, emii