Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hey ya'll!! This is just an update on my summer, so enjoy it :) ok I went to camp, that was great!! I met a ton of really cool people whom I'm proud to have known. Also I went to Sunshine. do ya'll know what sunshine is? Well it's a huge christian nusic festival and it was amazing. I recomend skillet to whoever is reading this... so peace an hope your all having great summers.



  1. Alrighty...wierd name...kinda funny...strange picture:) car...nice job. You got me to click on the link.

  2. Hey! I love the blog, my hair is red somedays but pretty much strawberry blonde. And....I'd like to think I'm cool. So if I'm worthy, I'll follow you!


  3. Love the blog.
    Love the hair.
    Love Skillet!

  4. I REALLY doubt you would loose credibility with me by saying what kind of music you like. I like screamo, (PLEASE dont tell my parent they would get SO mad.) hard rock and new age country.